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We provide UX/UI design services and help clients translate their brand vision into a clean design.

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Strategy Analysis & Research

At the first stage of working on app design, we evaluate business targets and align them with design objectives. Designers, together with the Product Owner and Business Analysts, identify business needs and the best ways to merge them with user expectations. The product owner plays the most crucial role, as this person is a decision-maker when it comes to creating a custom mobile application design.

UX & Prototyping

Depending on the type of product, we will draft wireframes to highlight in-app interactions or create prototypes. UX design is critical for identifying how users will interact with your application and for building a user-friendly application interface. At each stage of prototyping, we ask for the Product Owner’s feedback for the created wireframes and make any adjustments needed. As a part of the UX design validation, we conduct a design sprint to iterate and test ideas with relevant users quickly. At the end of this stage, you are presented with the validated UX prototype.

UI Design

As a part of mobile app design services, our designers create a visible part of the user interface. They start with creating graphic styles, choosing brand colors, and defining visual representation of your future mobile application and move on to creating a clickable UI mockup of the app.

UX/UI Design Finalization

At the final stage, the design is finalized with the Product Owner and all the necessary changes are made, our team moves on from mobile app design to the development stage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Suppose you are going to build a mobile application and want to make it user-friendly and attractive. In that case, you won’t achieve the goals without professional mobile app design services. App designers specialize in creating a beautiful user interface that meets both business needs and customers’ expectations based on market research and analysis. Having a professionally crafted UX/UI design plays a massive role in your application’s future success.

Addevice provides a full range of design services, including graphic design, UX design, and mobile app design. We are a team of professionals with over 9+ years of experience in the market of mobile application development. Our designers know how to create a design that meets the requirements of the market and business needs.

Depending on the number of screens that need to be created, the complexity of visuals and animation, app design services can take anywhere from 14 days to a month. Get in touch with our team for free project estimation.

Before you start looking for a vendor, create a list of requirements for your future app design. Selecting a professional UX/UI design company, take into account their design portfolio, which design services they provide, and how they approach app design creation.

The cost to design a mobile application depends on a number of factors, including the number of screens that should be crafted and the level of customizations. Usually, a simple app design for a single platform will cost you ~$5,000. With the addition of complex visual details, animations, and 3D graphics, app design costs will increase.

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