Addevice’s Core Values

that form our DNA and make us the best vendor for your next project

Addevice’s Core Values
our vision

Our vision

We’re striving to build a digital world where businesses get results with innovative solutions. We don’t just create code. We create software solutions that serve companies all over the world.

We transfer our values to the working environment. We help our employees explore their potential and constantly improve the processes in our company. Together, we apply our knowledge and experience to deliver the best results to our clients.

Our strategy

To translate our vision from paper to reality, we follow a few principles in our work:
We care about our clients and their success. Our services don’t endwith tech expertise. We build long relationships based onmutual trust.
We deliver results no matter the project’s complexity. We don’t just close tasks. Our squad delivers value and results to our clients’ businesses.
We use the latest innovations to build digital products for our clients. AR, VR, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine learning are a few technologies that we have experience working with
We say not to the one-size-fits-all approach. We tailor all the processes to meet our clients’ needs, specifics and requirements of their projects.
We guarantee security building solutions based on the latest security and technology standards. The solutions we create meet all industry standards and regulations.

Our core values

We always work with people that have the same values as Addevice. These values form our internal corporate culture and determine how we engage with our clients and work on their projects. Our values aim to provide a comfortable working environment for both employees and clients.

No limits to what we do

We never settle for “good”. If we know what we can do to provide the best results, we don’t wait to be asked twice.


Results first

Nothing stops us from delivering the best and bugs-free solutions. An extremely complex project? We’re ready for new challenges.


No limits

There are no words like ‘impossible’ in our vocabulary. We welcome challenges and know how to overcome them. Have any doubts?

Try us


We strive to grow and become better, encouraging others to grow with us. We help our clients and employees move to new levels and push boundaries.

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