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Industry Analysis

At the first stage of business analysis, our Business Analysts study the industry and identify which approaches work and which ones won’t bring results. Building an on-demand delivery app and an eCommerce solution are two different things. Provided business analysis services help to understand what will work for each industry.

Technical Research

Whether you want to create a unique application or an app with an already tested and proved concept, the technologies you can choose will vary. Thus, we provide thorough research to identify the best technical solutions specific to your project requirements during this part of business analysis services.

Business Strategy Creation

The main result of business analysis services is the creation of a robust business strategy. Business Analysts put together a strategy with defined and proved key focus areas, technologies, and approaches based on the collected data. As a result of business analysis, our clients have a full representation of their project vision and an outline of the direction they need to move on during the development.

Market Research

Knowing the market and your competition is no less critical for building a successful business strategy. This business analysis stage is dedicated to identifying the strongest competitors and their unique value proposition and coming up with a business strategy to help you stand out among the crowd.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Business analysis is the process of discovering and evaluating business opportunities based on market and competitor research. Business analysis services pursue the following goals:

  • Determine the project’s business objectives and desired results
  • Create requirements documentation
  • Make changes to the project based on data-driven decisions
  • Evaluate business success

We provide business development services and help our clients move from a single app idea to a successful startup.

Business Analysts are responsible for conducting market research, evaluating product fit, and defining growth opportunities. Business analysts conduct analysis, determine requirements, and provide data-driven recommendations for future mobile app development.

Starting a business without knowing your competitors and the situation on the market is a way to failure. When you enter the development process, you need to know who you will compete with, what you can offer to your users, your unique value proposition and how you can be different from the competitors. Business analysis allows to identify all these points and ensure the future success of your project.

We provide business analysis services to our clients who want to evaluate and verify their business idea before moving on to the development process. We help our clients identify their strong points, create a unique value proposition, and decide how to position their startup on the market. This way, we reduce risks by helping clients pursue ideas that have a real chance for success.

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