Ongoing Development & Support

We provide ongoing development and support services for our clients and for those who come to us with already developed mobile applications.

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Customer Feedback Analysis

After a successful launch of an app to the market, you start receiving customer feedback. We help our clients to analyze this feedback and decide how it can be used to improve the mobile application.

New Features Development

As a part of ongoing mobile application maintenance and support, we help our clients improve their applications with new features and functionality. With the help of new functionality, you can expand your business possibilities and offer more value to app users.

UX/UI Improvements

App testing with real users shows any issues with usability and user experience. We provide clients with analytics data analysis and help make data-driven decisions regarding changes in UX and UI. Our main goal is to boost conversion, reduce customer churn, improve user retention by making improvements to user flows and design elements.

Mobile Application Updates

Timely updates of an application are vital to the competitiveness of a mobile application. We help companies prepared and release app updates with new features, bug fixes, UX improvements, and so on. We take on the work of submitting the updates to app stores.

Security Management

Creating a secure mobile app is not enough; you need to dedicate resources to keep it safe over time. Our team performed regular security checks to identify the slightest security threats and possible security breaches. We leave no chance to hackers and protect your users’ data.

OS Updates

Each new release of iOS and Android opens new possibilities for your app. We meticulously track all releases and help your business take advantage of them. Your application will always use the latest innovations and features of operating systems.

Code Review & Bug Fixes

Code maintenance includes a number of services such as regular code reviews, identification of any vulnerabilities and bugs. Our team makes sure that your application has the highest performance, is bug-free and secure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

After you successfully release a mobile app, your work as an app developer doesn’t end. Ongoing development and support ensure that your application meets all customer expectations and aligns with your business needs. App maintenance services cover a number of tasks, including regular code review, bug fixing, new functionality releases, OS updates, and much more.

App maintenance services are an essential partof mobile app development. Such services ensure that your application stays secure, provides users with high performance, utilizes the latest functionality of new OS updates and doesn’t become obsolete. Having an experienced team working on app maintenance is the best way to ensure that your app will supplement your business.

Finding an experienced company providing such services is the first step to successful mobile application maintenance and support. When looking for a technical vendor, pay close attention to their expertise, experience, customer reviews, and overall specialization. Addevice provides mobile application maintenance services to companies who want to keep their apps competitive even years after their initial release. 

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